Innovation through Precision R&D


Kymatonics Innovation

Kymatonics P.C. is established to exploit and commercialize the breakthrough Wavelens device and software and explore appropriate use cases and market applications. Wavelens is a modular, re-configurable adaptive,  innovative devise for precision light control with multiple applications and use cases; i) microscopy, ii) automotive external adaptive lighting systems, iii) cryptography and secure communications, iv) photolithography and v) optical fiber drivers.

Products and Services

Lightsheet Microscopy (LΜ)

When LM Wavelens is integrated into a light sheet microscope, it creates a next-generation system, with a competitive advantage in aberration-free modular illumination, tissue penetration depth and rivaling competitors in image resolution.

Structured Illumination (SI) Wavelens

SI Wavelens is a customisable optoelectronic device that can be used for high contrast, high visibility, user defined, light patterns projection, compatible with multiple laser sources

Custom made Optical and Microscopy solutions

Based on the Kymatonics team experiencei n developing microscopy systems we develop customisable optical and microscopy systems; i) Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy, ii) Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer, and iii) Lightsheet Microscopy systems